Student Relocation Inter-State

Help for Australian Students relocating to another Australian state for study purposes.
See also: Student Relocations Intrastate and Student Relocations International

You have completed your research and you are interested in undertaking a move to study at another location within your state in Australia.
Temporary or homestay accommodation is the perfect accommodation option for those relocating to a new location for studying purposes or seeking short term stay. Offerring a secure environment, trained host, low weekly costs, no bond and no lease – homestay accommodation is ideal for short or long term stays for students or relocatees.
Organising the move to another location in Australia can be time consuming and frustrating. connectrelocate can organise your move to ensure you have a smooth transition and settle more quickly into your new life.
Reduce your stress level by getting connectrelocate to make all your accommodation and travel arrangements prior to your arrival. We offer to:-


  • Meet & Greet or Chauffeur service from your point of arrival to your pre-arranged accommodation.
  • pre-arrange a rental car if required
  • pre-arrange a vehicle broker for rental or purchase of a motor vehicle

Confused about where to reside? Unsure which areas are in close proximity to your training institution? Unsure what accommodation options are available to you?
connectrelocate has years of experience in accommodating students. We understand your needs and offer a number of accommodation options to suit students’ particular requirements based on budget and personal needs. Our homestay arrangements are provided through the Australian Homestay – ensuring quality service that meets Australian compliance standards.
Homestay Accommodation
The essence of homestay is to live with an Australian family or host, one of the most popular options for students. Whether a student requiring long term stay or on a short term study tour, homestay accommodation is available to anyone. today, most homestays provides internet connectivity so that you can communicate with your family on-line.

connectrelocate supports students by securing their Homestay Accommodation prior to their arrival. We maintain close contact with you and your host family to ensure that you are happy and settling in well. All concerns are discussed and suitable options are made available. An Accommodation Placement Support fee of up to AU$250 is charged to arrange Homestay Accommodation.
Homestay will cost between AU$170 – AU265 per week, though sharing a bedroom can reduce this cost. Prior to arrival you must book and pay for a minimum of 4 weeks board.
You may continue to stay in the homestay arrangement (if suits you and the host), or look for shared or rental accommodation at a later date should you wish.
1. Homestay Options:

  • i. Traditional Homestay
    • Own bedroom, with linen -desk, lamp, wardrobe provided
    • 3 meals per day – 7 days per week (for under 18), 2 meals for over 18
    • private or shared bathroom, towels provided
    • utilities costs covered except telephone & internet usage
  • ii. Dinner Only Homestay
    • own bedroom, with linen, desk, lamp, wardrobe provided
    • only dinner meal provided
    • private or shared bathroom, towels provided
    • utilities costs covered except telephone & internet usage
  • iii. No Meals Homestay
    • own bedroom, desk, lamp, wardrobe provided
    • no meals provided – access to kitchen to cook
    • access to kitchen to cook own meals
    • private or shared bathroom
    • utilities costs covered, excepting for telephone & internet usage
  • iv. Self- contained Homestay (studio, 1 or 2 bedroom granny flat)
    • Renting a granny flat / studio attached to a family house
    • Purchase & cook own meals
    • Own bedroom, furniture provided / not provided
    • Own bathroom
    • Own kitchen / kitchenette / living area
    • utilities costs covered except telephone & internet
    • Approximate cost between $240 – $300 per week depending on size, facilities

2. Arrange Shared Rental Accommodation
More independent students will request shared rental accommodation. It is seen as a cheaper option depending on a number of factors – single or shared room, number of occupants, condition of residence, inner city or suburban living … Due to this situation, we don’t recommend you arrange shared accommodation on-line or over the phone – it is important that you visit the property first before agreeing to rent. You may also feel a bit anxious about the safety aspect of living with someone you don’t know.
connectrelocate will take time with you to introduce you to the occupants of the shared rental arrangement and allow YOU to make the decision if you want to stay there.
Also note that you may likely be asked to pay your proportion of the bond money (equivalent to 4 weeks rent given to Rental Tenancy Board as security against damage to the property), have your name recorded on a 6 or 12 month lease and pay 2 weeks rent in advance. Rent can vary according to a number of factors – but generally range from AU$145 – 180 per week. You will need to pay proportionate contribution to the home grocery bill.
3. Arrange Shared Student Accommodation Hostel (if available in local area)

Advantage of these is that all rooms are furnished and kitchens are well equipped. The hostels are filled with students and it is great way to meet others from around the globe. These places are most suited for those students who enjoy a more communal style of living.

  • Shared unit with other students
  • Furnished
  • Own bedroom
  • Shared kitchen, bathroom & dining area
  • utilities costs covered except telephone & internet
  • Cost varies – approximately AU$170-280 per week

4. Arrange Holiday Rental / Serviced Accommodation
Students, particularly couples or those with families, prefer to initially stay in holiday rental style resorts on arrival in a new location. The weekly cost can be high (particularly in peak seasons), but students treat it as a mini-holiday and it allows them time to search for more permanent rental arrangements.
connectrelocate can secure your holiday resort accommodation prior to your arrival.
5. Arrange Rental Accommodation
If you are planning to stay a long time at this location and you are keen to have your own privacy, you may wish to rent a unit or home in your own name through a real estate agency. Prices range from AU$240 – AU$500+ per week. Units, resort style apartments and houses are available from 1 – 4 bedrooms. Be aware that most rental units and homes are not furnished. However, we can limit the search to furnished properties if required.
To ensure you make the best decision on the best location to rent, connectrelocate will provide you with an orientation of the local area. Factors discussed will include – accessibility to training institution (either via public transport or vehicle), employment opportunities in the area and convenience of shopping facilities. We will also provide you with current rental prices, so you can make an informed decision on the applicability of the rental fee.
connectrelocate will take the time to introduce you to a range of suitable residences that will allow YOU to make an informed decision on what you want to rent.

  • suburb research report
  • provision of rental requirements
  • brief on pre-viewing accommodation facilities
  • assist with viewing & submit tenancy applications
  • inventory inspection on rental properties
  • lease negotiation
  • finalise rental arrangements
  • facilitate rental payments
  • key collection

6. Assistance with Buying a Home
Staying at this location for a lengthy period? Want to invest in the property market? Unsure of the local property prices? Need reassurance that you will get honest, professional advice?
Let us introduce you to a property broker to help you save money and time in buying your new home. connectrelocate will provide a comprehensive area orientation to ensure you fully understand the region and the best location to buy your home.

  • provision of area orientation –
  • suburb report
  • local school report
  • future development report
  • community facilities, social networks, shopping facilities
  • transport facilities
  • facilitation of purchasing property
  • introduction to property buyer agent / real estate agents
  • provision of housing differential report to assist in purchasing suitable property
  • provision of information kit
  • public transport services / timetable

  • local map
  • directory local community services
  • utility services directory
  • tele-communication providers – mobile phones, internet
  • emergency services directory

If renting a home, connectrelocate will arrange all your utility connections. We will organise short-term furniture rental until your furniture arrives, or long-term rental for your new unfurnished home, or facilitate the purchase of new furniture based on your budget and taste.

  • utility connections
  • furniture rental / purchase & delivery assistance

Researching for suitable child care centres or schools can take an enormous amount of time and energy. If your family accompanies you and you require specialised advice on what schools offer, need to arrange a tentative placement, or understand the registration process then connectrelocate can assist you.
We will provide

  • school search / child care/ training institutions research report
  • provision of school prospectus
  • assistance with school registration
  • arrange interviews and applications
  • assist with school uniform purchase
  • provide information on transport facilities

Your partner at home who is feeling isolated and lonely. We offer assistance to find work for them. We invite them to our social events and assist them in developing friendships. A happy partner can make all the difference.

  • assistance with networking
  • introduction to community facilities / personnel

Students studying in Australia are keen to tour the wonders of Australia or visit local tourist attractions. Want a more personalised tour? Living on a budget and keen to get the best price? Let connectrelocate put you in touch with reliable tourist operators. We can also arrange for more personalised group tours.

  • tours and tourist attractions

Seeking work? Some institutions offer a job placement service.

  • connectrelocate can assist you with securing employment. We will assist you with your resume writing, interview techniques and job applications. Our support will be there also, to ensure you settle into the workplace. A fee will be charged for this supportive service.

Access our online shopping service. View products and services designed to make your stay in your new location more comfortable.
We will oversee the co-ordination and management of all external services we introduce to your staff. These could include – financial, business or property brokers.

  • support and co-ordination of external service providers

Moving away? Or relocating to another location? With so much to do and often so little time to do it, connectrelocate can really take the pressure off! Let us co-ordinate your next move, tailoring our services to meet your requirements. We can provide –

  • detailed planning checklist
  • facilitate return of bond, breaking of lease, or selling of property
  • co-ordinate utility disconnection
  • coordinate termination of school enrolment and return school uniforms
  • organise a concierge service to provide house/carpet cleaning
  • arrange removalist quotes
  • coordinate vehicle / house furniture removal or disposal
  • arrange transfers to airport
  • arrange mail forwarding