Study Tours-Sunshine Coast

Where is the Sunshine Coast?

Stretching from Caloundra in the South to Cooloola in the North. One hour from the city of Brisbane, the picturesque beachside Sunshine Coast offers an amazing array of diverse outdoor experiences from sun and surf on pristine beaches, challenging rainforest treks in the mountainous  hinterland , charming towns and regional living.  The Sunshine Coast is one of Queensland’s premier holiday destinations.

Why visit the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine coast is the perfect mix of coast and country and the ideal place to relax and have fun.

The Sunshine Coast weather is perfect throughout all seasons. With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year and average temperatures ranging from 21 t o 29 degrees Celsius The Sunshine Coast is an enticing destination with plenty of opportunities to be outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.


If you are looking for an adventure or a relaxed time, the Sunshine Coast offers it all…………….
What you can do here:
ConnectRelocate arranges tours (some combined with English language classes) that offer-

Adventure and Sport Action tours

surfing, mountain climbing, camel riding, yachting, scuba diving, rainforest walks, hot air ballooning, golf, canoeing
Tour cost including English language classes. Accommodation can include-

  • With Homestay
  • With resort style accommodation
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Cultural and Heritage Exploration Tours

– visit produce farms, national parks, indigenous communities, whale watching, visit Australia Zoo
Tour cost including English language classes. Accommodation can include-

  • With Homestay
  • With resort style accommodation
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Gourmet and Environmental Discovery tours

– cooking classes, food trails, fishing, visit markets, ecological research
Tour cost including English language classes. Accommodation can include-

  • With Homestay
  • With resort style accommodation
  • Please note all tours require minimum of 20 passengers to operate. We strongly suggest all passengers take out travel insurance.
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Where you can stay:

ConnectRelocate tours offer 2 accommodation options –
Accommodation options range from living with an Australian family (homestay) to resort style apartments.



Living with an Australian homestay family will give you –
The opportunity to live in a low-cost accommodation arrangement where you learn about the Australian culture and customs, feel welcomed in a friendly, secure home that has passed quality, compliance inspection, live with an Australian family that has an interest in cultural exchange, who will provide assistance in speaking and improving your English and the opportunity to form long-lasting relationship with your host family.


Book Homestay

Shared living arrangements for 2-3 people, with kitchen & laundry facilities
These beachfront apartments are set amongst two and a half acres of lush sub tropical gardens. Offering spacious two and three bedroom apartments which are well located close to shopping centre, public transport and local restaurants. Imagine falling asleep to the sound of the surf and waking up to watch the sun rise over the ocean.

How you get here:

Step 1: Register your interest by completing the Registration Form and forward a non-refundable deposit of $300 to ConnectRelocate. Bank details appear on Registration Form

Step 2: Do you need a visa? ConnectRelocate can assist you to apply for your visa if you are unable to get one in your country.

Step 3: Upon receipt of completed Registration Form and deposit, ConnectRelocate will forward your Confirmation Tour details & date due for balance of payment.

Step 4: Two months prior to tour departure, ConnectRelocate sends reminder email of date for balance of payment.

Step 5: Two – four weeks prior to tour departure, you will receive your personal Tour Documentation via email.

Step 6: Enjoy your tour on the Sunshine Coast!