Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools

A wide range of government and non-government schools on the Sunshine Coast provide international students with the experience of living and studying abroad where you are encouraged to think creatively and independently.

When you are enrolled in the Sunshine Coast’s Government or non-Government secondary schools you will study the Queensland curriculum. Those who graduate from Years 11 and 12 will receive the Queensland Certificate of Education. This is an internationally recognised qualification, which enables you to continue your tertiary education in Australia.

To be accepted into an EQI High School, students must demonstrate:

  • Acceptable academic level in your country’s school system
  • Acceptable proficiency in English language (in some cases, students may be accepted into an intensive English language course prior to starting academic studies in secondary schools)

How you get here:


Step 1: Register your interest by completing the Registration Form

Step 2: ConnectRelocate will forward you a report on selected course and training institution for discussion

Step 3: ConnectRelocate will forward you an application form from the institution is sent to you for completion

Step 4: You are required to send application form with requested additional documents to connectrelocate for forwarding to institution

Step 5: If accepting the Letter of Offer from the Institution you will be required to make course fee payments to ConnectRelocate at due date

Step 6: Confirmation of Enrolment from training institution will be sent to you to use to apply for your student visa. (ConnectRelocate can refer you to a migration agent for assistance with your visa)

Please note -you must obtain a student visa before you can commence your studies in Australia. Note that applying for a student visa can take some time in some countries – anything from 2 to 4 months. So always APPLY IN ADVANCE.