Homestay Accommodation


Live with locals and experience the Australian life and culture firsthand. Homestay provides the opportunity to improve your english in a secure, friendly, affordable environment.
Many international students choose to stay in a homestay arrangement when they arrive in Australia. connectrelocate can pre-arrange your accommodation prior to your arrival. All homestay arrangements are made through the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) Homestay hosts are selected because of their interest in international students and their homes have been inspected to meet set standards. You can benefit greatly from staying in a homestay arrangement.

  • You do not pay any bond money (bond money is charged in a rental situation)
  • You are only required to stay for 4 weeks (a 6-12 month lease is required for rental situation)
  • Your food, water & electricity usage and minimal internet access (in most homes) is provided
  • All required furniture and linen provided
  • With host’s agreement, you can extend your stay beyond the intial 4 weeks
  • After giving 2 weeks notice you can move from the homestay arrangement
    • i. Traditional Homestay
      • Own bedroom, with linen -desk, lamp, wardrobe provided
      • 3 meals per day – 7 days per week (for under 18), 2 meals for over 18
      • private or shared bathroom, towels provided
      • utilities costs covered except telephone & internet usage
    • ii. Dinner Only Homestay
      • own bedroom, with linen, desk, lamp, wardrobe provided
      • only dinner meal provided
      • private or shared bathroom, towels provided
      • utilities costs covered except telephone & internet usage
    • iii. No Meals Homestay
      • own bedroom, desk, lamp, wardrobe provided
      • no meals provided – access to kitchen to cook
      • access to kitchen to cook own meals
      • private or shared bathroom
      • utilities costs covered, excepting for telephone & internet usage
    • iv. No Meals Homestay (Shared Room)
      • Shared bedroom, linen, desk, lamp, wardrobe provided
      • No meals – access to kitchen to cook
      • Shared bathroom
      • Utlities costs covered except telephone & internet
    • vi. Self- contained Homestay (studio, 1 or 2 bedroom granny flat)
      • Renting a granny flat / studio attached to a family house
      • Purchase & cook own meals
      • Own bedroom, furniture provided / not provided
      • Own bathroom
      • Own kitchen / kitchenette / living area
      • utilities costs covered except telephone & internet
      • Approximate cost between $240 – $300 per week depending on size, facilities


  • Offer students opportunity to live in a secure, safe home while studying
  • Provides an enriching, cultural, social experience


  • All students/ individuals are able to access connectrelocate’s student accommodation options – both international and Australian students
  • Member of sports or social groups can be hosted by a family with similar interests or located near sports facilities
  • Student requiring temporary accommodation during work placement and don’t want the hassle with lease, bonds, electricity & other utility bills
  • Students on work experience who wish to be accommodated near their workplace
  • Someone looking to live with a family or host on a temporary basis


  • Opportunity to learn about Australian culture / customs in a secure, friendly environment
  • A safe environment whilst relocating to a new area
  • Living with host family members helps you to improve your English and understand Australian culture
  • Opportunity to have host home close to your training institution
  • Offering varying levels of accommodation services to cater for your individual needs – eg different catering services, financial restrictions & range of short term – to long term stays

Carefully selected families that:-

  • Opportunity to build long lasting relationship with homestay family
  • enjoy the cultural experience of sharing their home with students
  • enjoy building lasting friendships with students
  • enjoy sharing their outings/ daily experiences with students
  • you TFN
  • your superannuation account details – including your superannuations provider’s Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • English the main language spoken at home
  • You have access to a 24/7 helpline number for emergencies, translation service and enquiries regarding insurance claims. If you need assistance to secure other accommodation after leaving a homestay arrangement, talk to ConnectRelocate.

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